Well this weekend has definitely been eventful. Very emotional. But thats life. It’s not always good but God is always fair and He’s always good.
This will be a short post. I wanted to share a song that just helped me tremendously! I shared it on Facebook so most people can see it. But let me explain what this song means to ME!

The first chorus says:

My life was torn beyond repair
I felt so alone, seemed no one cared
You came along, gave me a song
To ease the pain and erase the strain

Keisha’s takeaway- I’m broken. I feel alone. But God, You came and eased the loneliness and You lifted my burdens…

You could have left me standing there
With no one, no one to care
But You promised me You’d be there on time
And You did just what You


Against all odds, I made the choice
To give You my life, now I rejoice
You answered my prayers not a moment to soon
Your word I embraced, my sins You erased

Keisha’s takeaway- You could have let me deal with my mistakes and my sins on my own. With nobody but me. But just like You promised, You were right on time!

(I gave it up) That’s when You bless me
(Oh I let it go) That’s when You bless me
(Lord, You brought me through, now I’m brand new)

(I said have Your way) That’s when You bless me
(Oh I’m here to stay) That’s when You bless me
(Lord, You promised me You would hear my plea)
And You did just what You said.

When you give it ALL to Him, He will bless you. Ask God to let HIS will be done in your life! He will do what He said he will do!!
He promised He would!

Psalms 119:170 listen to my prayer; rescue me as You promised
Psalms 119:49 remember Your promise to me; it is my only hope…
Psalms 119: 38 reassure me of Your promise…
Psalms 119: 58 With all my heart I want Your blessings. Be merciful as You promised…
(Just read Psalms 119…)

So give up the things that are keeping you from Him. Let go of the hurt and the pain. So keep your faith. Stay in the race. He will do what He promised!!


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