Today wasn’t so bad. I think that because I scared myself into being sick today, I actually jinxed myself into being sick earlier than I thought I would. Actually, after I wrote last night, I got sick and was up until probably 7:30 am. But, after I was able to stop the vomiting and sweating and took meds that didn’t come up, I slept until maybe 1:30pm today. This was the first time since August when I had an overnight flare up. And those are the worst. My body was so tired and weak. All is well now.

For the first time in two weeks, I was able to go into a store! With the help of my friend T, who won’t let me do anything, I went to Walgreens and got more meds AND Smartwater. It’s literally the ONLY thing that I can keep down. I was given the opportunity to go into Subway even though I was extremely weak and lightheaded. I’m grateful that I was able to do something for myself and Brandon. I finished a couple of documentaries on Netflix. Facetime’d my Mom for about an hour. I talked to both of my brothers today. I was blessed to be able to talk to my friends for a while today. They are always happy to talk to me because when I’m having a flare, they don’t hear from me for days. I know that it’s concerning but we pick up like nothing has ever happened. Oh, I got a corn plant for Christmas and her name is Destiny so we are bonding. I hope she can stay around. Lol!

While, things may seem bleak and uncertain, I am thankful for good days. And that’s what I want to continue to convey. Gratitude! It’s so important. I promise. I do not look at things the same. And, sometimes it takes something drastic to get your attention. I hear and receive it.

This is watched I watched on Netflix today:

Surviving Death is on Netflix and it’s about life after death. What most people don’t know about me is that after Chance, I was looking for her in everything. Literally. I could not believe or fathom the fact that she was just gone. So, I read tons of books on heaven and the afterlife. To watch this documentary, you have to be completely open minded. Most of us have grown up with different beliefs that we stick with. My mind won’t allow me to think in one dimension. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. But, this series was really good to me and I highly recommend.

Also, I watched “Crack”. This is on Netflix too.

These shows are always mind boggling to me. It’s amazing how different people are treated for the same offenses. Weird how some communities are torn apart while others thrive because of the SAME thing. The crack epidemic was hard on the black community. This documentary features crack users, dealers, politicians, etc. It’s really good. Again, it’s something that I highly recommend. I love these types of documentaries that show the facts. Good, bad and mostly ugly. It’s extremely important to know where things come from. It kind of shows you the direction that things can go.

I started reading “Manifesting Abundance” by Elizabeth God. I’m reading this because I realize that the way we think shapes our realities. The words you speak in jest or seriousness are important. And I do believe that you can have anything that you desire. You just have to believe that you deserve it and put in the work. Nothing is given to you. I highly recommend.

I did some online browsing. I found shoes and clothes that I want. I might create a link just to show my style. And because I’m in between sizes, I can’t really buy anything. But I LOVE shopping.

AND these boots

Last thing I looked up was a couple of items on Wayfair.

As you can see, I’m from one thing to the next. But today has been a good day and I’m grateful!

I hope you all had a great day too.


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