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March 22, 2018   Furniture Tip-Overs: A Hidden Hazard in Your Home Some makers do it right, but children still die from unstable dressers. And there are no laws to help prevent future tragedies. By Rachel Rabkin Peachman March 22, 2018 267 SHARES After church one Sunday afternoon in 2016, Janet McGee waited for her 22-month-old... Continue Reading →

I want a man. But…..

I've been seeing this meme on social media for a while. I've even shared it a few times because it's so funny to me. Lately though, it's been really on resonating in me. I'm realizing how true this is in most situations. Especially with women. Here it is. How funny is that? Hilarious! But let's... Continue Reading →

Breakdown to Breakthrough….

So many times we look the other way when we're in pain or when the people we love are in pain. Like I said last week, we ask how they're doing but it's just habit. We aren't really ready to hear the truth behind the answers. Our family members and friends are suffering everyday and... Continue Reading →

Why you won’t see me judging anybody

On social media, you won't see me posting about mass shootings. Mothers killing their children. Fathers killing their kids. People committing suicide. You know why? First of all, I don't know what anybody's mindset is. Second and lastly, I CANNOT JUDGE ANYBODY!!!! The bible says, 1 Peter 3: Finally, all of you should be of one... Continue Reading →

Chance’s 5th Angelversary 

April 3, 2012 started off like a regular day for us. Brandon, Chance and I got up and got ready for school and work. But for some reason on that morning, she was really quiet. Normally she would be running around the apartment and not letting me comb her hair but on this morning, she... Continue Reading →

Dear Chance 

Chance... It's been five years since I've seen you. Since I've held you. Heard you say Mama, Mommy, Brannon, Daddy, Shishard or Memo. Since I heard you ask for a Thomas the train toy or seen you dance in the back seat to "Love on Top". Five long years since you ran to the door... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Greetings, I've turned a year older and I literally feel the age increase in body! It's funny but true. I've turned 36 years old on today but this year is a year of awakening for me. I've been in such a funk the past couple of months. Dealing with some health issues. Some deaths in... Continue Reading →

Who’s fighting for you?

Do you sometimes wonder how you've made it through certain situations in your life? Like, why your situation didn't kill you or make you just completely give up on everything?  That's because you have someone in your life that's fighting for you. Even when you don't see it or feel it. God is still there.... Continue Reading →

Be back soon

Greetings! I'm taking a break from writing, blogging(I know it's been a few months...) I need a mental break from everything. Hopefully, I'll be back better than ever. Just gotta get my mind right.  Have a great holiday season.  Keisha 

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