The butterfly…

I'm sitting here at work and I'm a little down today because it seems like the things that I really want in my life seem to pass me by and go on to others. I sometimes think, "Dang, don't I deserve SOME of the things I pray and ask for?" And today while I'm ALL... Continue Reading →

Going up…

Brandon and I were driving home tonight and I had my music playing from my phone. Now, I have some of everything in my library from Evanescence to Beyonce to Tupac to John P Kee, lol. I love music and if I can get meaning out of it, even better.  Well, it's quite ironic that... Continue Reading →

Open letter to perfect parents

I try sooooo hard to keep my mouth shut when people get on social media and become cyber bullies. I can almost promise you that those same "internet thugs" would never say those cruel things to my face. They feel protected behind their computers, smart phones and tablets. It's such a sad thing... So here's... Continue Reading →

Chance’s 4th angelversary

1460 days 35054 hours 2103264 minutes 126195855 seconds This is how long it's been since my baby has been gone. By far, this has been the hardest one for me. Reality has set in and I know that no matter how much I cry, how I beg God, how sick I get, my body aching... Continue Reading →

Life and death..

Life and death. It's inevitable that eventually we have to die and spend eternity in either heaven or hell. Most of us hope for heaven. People that are close to me know that I don't deal with death well. And it got worse after I loss Chance. I try so hard to rationalize and make... Continue Reading →

1/17/16-Commercial Appeal Article 

I'll be watching the Super Bowl at my family's annual party in West Memphis, and like many viewers, I'll be watching for the commercials. Last year, one particular commercial was by far my favorite — the Nationwide "make safe happen" ad in which a young boy laments all the adventures he won't experience, "because I... Continue Reading →

It’s not so bad..

I'm out with my brother, Brandon and my Mom looking at the moon tonight(it's beautiful right now) and it made me realize that I take things for granted. So I decided to do a quick reality check. Remember that when you're going through the storm that things can always be a little worse than what... Continue Reading →

Beads from heaven…literally

So, I think everyone that knows me can tell you that this is a rough time of year for me. Everything makes me think of Brandon and Chance. We really enjoyed her last Thanksgiving and Christmas. The shopping, decorating the tree, riding around looking at the lights and listening to holiday music. Chance and Brandon... Continue Reading →

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