A “Chance” in Kindergarten!

On yesterday, my family and I had a backpack drive in Chance’s honor. We decided that since we couldn’t get her ready for kindergarten that we would give to others in her honor. We were able to give 100 backpacks! And in the backpacks, we had pamphlets with statistics and tips on TV/furniture tipovers. As expected, most weren’t aware that it happens as often as it does. All were thankful for the knowledge. We were grateful that we were able to help.

It’s definitely a bittersweet situation. We always want to honor Chance’s milestones. And it was very hard for me to see the little girls get the backpacks. I kept it together until I gave Chance’s BFF/cousins, Da’sai and Krystalynn theirs. We took a picture and I had a breakdown. They were all so close but Da’sai said, “I told you Chance was going to kindergarten!”

So, I regained my composure and went along with the event. My baby is still going to kindergarten with all of the children that received. I’m thankful for that.

Now this would not have been possible without the help from my family and the people that backed my idea. My parents, Zrano Sr and Sandra, they allowed me to do what I wanted. They didn’t agree with everything but they were supportive. I can’t thank them enough. Brandon, just wanted to make Chance proud and he told me at the very end that she would have loved what we did and he told me that he was proud of me. My brothers, Darrick and Zrano Jr, they always come through and they do what’s asked of them. Travis is always behind the scenes, stepping in when needed. My Aunt Lynn, stepped in, went shopping, got donations, let me vent and cry. My Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Shirley made donations and did what I needed. Shundra/Rod, Leslie/Randy, Erika and Brandi, came over and helped make the backpacks, bought water and etc. They made it fun and kept me from doing it all myself.

I had friends from Conway to Washington, DC step and and donate. I appreciate it all. I wish I could name you all individually but thankfully there are too many of you! The businesses-I thank you as well. You could have supported anyone but you chose us. That means a lot!

Now we will be having the walk next year. It will be epic!!

Get ready!!



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