Kathy’s Story 2/14/1995

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve blogged. I haven’t been motivated. I will talk about that later.

Anyway, I met this lady and she was nice enough to share her story with you all. This same situation has been happening for YEARS! That’s why I’m so adamant about keeping everyone informed of these dangers. Kathy was brave enough to be transparent. Thanks for that! This will help someone. Here goes in her own words…

So my story goes… My daughter Ashley Rose Daisey died 20 years ago next month on February 14th, 1995, six days before her 2nd birthday.
  She was our 2nd child, she had an older brother Eric who was 4 1/2 at the time,
  At the time of her death I was a floral designer and although I had Tuesdays off, I had to work that day because it was Valentine’s Day. We only had one car so my husband and the two kids dropped me off at work early that morning, Ashley didn’t want me to go and covered her face and turned her head so I couldn’t kiss her goodbye. I gently grabbed her hands away and kissed her all over her face, when I left the car she was giggling! They were supposed to bring me lunch later.That would be the last time I saw her alive. A few hours into my work day I got a call…the call no parent ever wants to get…it was my husband. He said Ashley got hurt and it was really, really bad. He said they were getting ready to leave a friends house and everyone but Ashley was in the kitchen they heard a loud crash and went in and found her on the floor with the TV on her. We were told later that she died instantly from blunt trauma to the back of her head because of the impact with the floor. Of course in the hospital they tried everything, but it was to late.
  The friends house they were at lived in a 3 room apartment, he was a bachelor and lived alone the TV was a box style, heavy…before flat screens were around, it was on top of a  3 drawer dresser. When Ashley would come visit they would put the remote and darts(with real tips) up next to the TV to keep them away. They don’t know if she was trying to get the darts or if she was trying to change the channel.
  After the accident the guy was storing the TV in someone’s garage and it fell over again. Also, the only mark on Ashley’s entire body was an indentation in the middle of her forehead, the damage was done on the inside to the back of her head.
  Before this happened we had never heard of TV’s and furniture falling and injuring and killing children. We had all the safety stuff in our home…the gates, the cabinet locks, the plastic outlet covers, the bathtub thermometers, etc. about a month after Ashley died, my Moms friends granddaughter was hurt and bruised pretty badly when their TV fell on her.
  I can’t believe after all these years that it’s still happening as often as it is. I was part of trying to get a bill passed in NY, with a senator, until he got himself in trouble, to put a message on TV’s and furniture, kind of like they have on blinds, so they don’t cause choking on the ropes, of the dangers of them falling and injuring children. I hope your web page can get out the message and save some lives, so nobody else has to go through what we have. After all these years I still miss her everyday and wonder who she would be now and what she would be like…..

Be blessed everyone!


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