About last night…

So last night during the Super Bowl, the company Nationwide Insurance, aired a commercial about a little boy. He may have been 5 or 6, I’m not sure. Anyway, during the commercial the kid says, this is the link
Make Safe Happen – Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl Commercial: http://youtu.be/dKUy-tfrIHY

“I’ll never learn to ride a bike…”
“Or get cooties…”
“I’ll never learn to fly…”
“Or travel the world with my best friend…”
“And I won’t ever get married…”
“I couldn’t grow up because I died from an accident…”

What’s happening is, Nationwide insurance has added Home Safety to their services offered. How they’re going to keep your homes safe? I have no idea. However, they want you to “Make Safe Happen”. So many children die from preventable accidents in their homes everyday. But if you’re wrapped up in the love of God, you’ll know that He allows things to happen no matter how many precautions you try to take.

Most people didn’t know that I was a part of this. In September in Washington, DC, me and a group of other parents that have lost our children or have children that have been injured due to accidents in the home, individually met with a marketing representative and they showed us a few possible commercials that they would like to air. When it came to this story, I cried so hard that I had to catch my breath. We had to take a break so I could compose myself. Imagine being in a room of strangers and you break down. It’s very uncomfortable. They asked, “Keisha, why did these words cause this reaction?” I told them, “This is reality for me. Chance will never get to do any of those things and that hurts me.” They asked if I thought this would get the attention of parents? I said, “Definitely”…

I had no idea that so many people would be so upset about this. But it served it’s purpose. You’re talking about it. And if you never thought about the possibility of your child being injured by drowning in a bathtub, or your child getting into the cabinets and drinking bleach or ingesting washing powder or do you think that a TV can’t fall on your child when you turn your head? Well if you didn’t think about it before, I’m sure you’re thinking now.

I don’t like the thought of children dying but they do. We can’t control it but we can definitely take the necessary measures to make sure that we’re doing OUR part.

Obviously, it’s not in good taste to show the MILLIONS of people that watched the Super Bowl that hey, while you’re watching this game, your child that you’re supposed to have your eyes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week could be exploring your house and since you told them to never touch the Clorox, while you’re cheering for the Patriots, they’re being curious kids and they’re wondering what’s so wrong with the bleach. I mean, you did tell them to never touch it right? Or your child that’s in their room watching a movie on TV and they can’t change the channel. Well you’re so engrossed in the game and you shoo them away so they have to change the channel themselves. So they pull out dresser drawers to make stares to climb to reach the TV and their weight pulls the dresser and TV on them.

Hmmmmm….Nationwide is wrong though?

I was on Social Media last night and I can’t describe the feelings that I felt. People felt that it was distasteful. That it was shown at the wrong time. It was depressing. You didn’t want to see a dead kid. But guess what? Children die. I’m a grieving mother that lost my 2 year old daughter to a TV and dresser falling on her. I still feel that guilt. The shame. I think of dead children daily. These are children of parents that wish the world would talk about their kids. But now, the world is talking and now you’re upset.

There is never a right time to talk about children dying. Never. I don’t care how you try to paint the picture, it’s not going to come out the way you want. Because, hey, it’s a dead child.

But I’m not taking away from the families that feel hurt and anger behind this. I’m just asking for you to understand. Not all children die from accidents in the home. And if yours didn’t, the commercial wasn’t for you. If your child was murdered, kidnapped, had SIDs, Cancer or any other kind of freak accident—from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry. But because MY daughter Chance left this earth in a way I NEVER would have dreamed of, I want the world to know. If that commercial only made ONE family buy an anchor or strap for the TV’s, I’m completely happy.

That’s what the commercial was trying to do. Make you aware! They weren’t trying to open wounds. They weren’t trying to make you feel guilty. They wanted to give a voice to those of us who lost our children in our homes. The place we thought our children were safe in. That’s all.

Honestly, anything can trigger a grieving mother. I was looking a picture of Chance’s hands a couple of weeks ago and said, ” I will never be able to hold her hand again…” this is my reality. But because I have God as my anchor, I’m able to see the good in it. I’m able to see that HE wasn’t trying to hurt me. He’s my foundation. And if only ONE child was saved, that’s enough.

So Nationwide Insurance, thank you for making people aware. I hate the backlash that you’re receiving. Thank you for unknowingly giving the world another day, another CHANCE to get their homes safe. Together we can all “Make Safe Happen…”

Go to http://www.makesafehappen.com to check out safety tips based on your childs age and locations. It’s a really great thing….

Be blessed.


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