The Girl from Sonic

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  No reasons or excuses. My life hasnt been busy. I’ve been plain lazy. Sorry about that.

These past couple of months have been…well, lets just say they’ve been eventful. Grief filled.  Its been 15 months since Chance has passed and I can honestly say that its gotten better. I can talk about her and be filled with happiness.  I miss her still but God has replaced some of that despair with peace. Won’t he do it?….

So, if you know me, if you REALLY know me, you know that I go to Sonic at least three times a day to get ice from the “back freezer”. You know that if it’s not that I will ask the carhop to get the right ice for me. Lol (its not as crazy as it sounds, I promise). Anyway, I know the employees there very well. This one carhop in particular, Sam, is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met.

I recall one day maybe seven months ago Sam talking to a customer. And the customer was telling Sam how good she looks since she lost her weight. Sam started to cry because someone previously told her something negative about her weight loss.  I remember when she brought my ice to me telling her that “She’s beautiful and to never let anyone get her upset”. She again started to cry and she thanked me for saying that to her. From then on she was MY Sam.

Well I saw her two weeks ago and she made fun of me because again, I sent her to the back to get the soft ice. She asked, “Why do you always ask for the ice from the back? I’ve been meaning to ask you that…” I explained it to her. She gave that goofy smile and said it was good seeing me again. I told her bye and went home. Something was so serene about her that day. But like people do, we go on about our business.

Well, the following Monday, I was at work on Facebook and I saw a status from my cousin asking for prayers for Samantha Cohea’s family.  I clicked on the link and I saw that Sam was in a terrible car accident and that she wasn’t going to make it. That tore me up! She is so young and funny and full of life. It couldn’t be her. Well I started looking at her sister’s pages and saw where they were asking for prayers and that Sam was being kept alive on the ventilator until her family made it. She passed a few days later.

Sam will truly be missed.

Now I said all of that to say this, you NEVER know what God has in store for you.  You never know what your last conversation with someone will be. Life is the most uncertain and most unguaranteed thing ever. We don’t control time nor do we have true say so about we live it or how it ends. We really need to get it together and live each day like its our last. Like the bible tells us. I’m quite sure Sam never thought her trip would end the way it did. But I’m glad that our last conversation ended on a good note.

Three weeks ago a family from Gosnell was killed in Marion.  A month ago, one of my friends brothers was killed in West Memphis.  Life is a trip. But we really know nothing about it. Give your life to the one that holds it. Put your faith and trust in him. We never know when our last moments will be and how it will end…

He’s waiting on you….

Be blessed.


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