Something for those kids that want metal drink containers!


I was watching the Today Show the other day and I saw this clip. Again, it was something that I never knew could happen. And now when I see something that’s like a “freak accident” I want to make sure I share it with everybody. Somebody told me that I can’t let this kind of stuff consume me. But I feel like I have to do something. I don’t want a family to suffer to have to grieve the loss of a child. Especially when it’s preventable. And even if I do tell people, God’s will still has to be done. So I’m just doing what I can to “educate”. Because, that’s all I can do. I promise, in other posts I’ll keep it light and breezy. Lol

So most of my followers have children that take water bottles to school. I know when I was in elementary and middle school back in Earle, they allowed us to carry the ones that were plastic with designs and straws. I thought they were so cool. Everybody didn’t have them so if you did, yea, you were pretty cool. I had one so what does that tell you? Just kidding. 

The ones like this. I had a couple of them! So cool…

Anyway, now, they’re selling the metal bottles that don’t have straws. What’s happening is, the kids tongues are getting stuck inside. Because when kids drink, they suck. And they’re tongues can immediately swell. The doctors said the two worst-case scenarios are: one, it could block their airway and they could suffocate, or two,their tongue would die, basically — they wouldn’t be able to speak anymore, they could lose her tongue.” Yes, it’s that serious.

So if your child wants to have the metal water bottle, like this  they can. You would just have to buy a cap. Looks like this.Costs about 1.00



“A lot of parents will say: ‘My kids drink out of these water bottles all the time; nothing has ever happened, and it won’t ever happen to me.” But just like anything, any product that you give a kid, 99.99 percent of the time it’s fine, until something happens to your kid!!”  And if it does happen, it can be a serious procedure. Getting the bottle off requires special surgical tools. Anytime you’re using powered equipment near a child’s face, it’s very serious procedure.

So take the time and watch the report. Take the necessary precautions. Don’t take a “Chance”.



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