Someone else’s story…


I’ve been really missing Chance today. And I can’t put into words how I’m really feeling. But I found a story online about a mother that lost her daughter to the same freak accident I lost Chance to. So many of the things she says, I feel the same. The way she felt that day, I felt it too. It just lets me know that I’m not the only one that feels the guilt and the condemnation. I’m posting her story on here so you all can read it and get an understanding of how serious this is. Its a sight you never want to see. Just like it happened to us, it can happen to you. This accident is preventable in every way. I think this week I’ll just post other stories so you’ll know how tragic this really is. Please read her story. I’ll share mine one day but ours is so similar that I don’t feel that I have to right now.


  1. It took me a few times to get past the part where the dresser fell on her daughter and they didnt hear it while they slept….I could not imagine how sleepless her nights have been from that day on. I’d be too afraid…Hearing your story and others like it, honestly, makes me so afriad to have my friends’ children over because I have not anchored everything yet. Children are so precious and not being a parent makes me so timid to even babysit because I would be mortified and ruined for life if a child waz harmed severly under my care. Prayers for you and mothers like you everywhere.

    • It’s a hard thing to get over Flo. Brandon came in and told me that the dresser fell. I didn’t hear it. And the sight…my God, sometimes I can’t get it out of my mind. Don’t be afraid to babysit. Just take precautions. It’s cheaper. 5 dollars and 15 minutes can save a life. Thanks for reading it…

  2. Your story is truly touching and inspirational. God bless your heart for being so strong and a living testament to others, he gives his strongest soldiers the toughest battles and I will continue to pray for you and your family. Keep on keeping on!

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