Merry Christmas


This was the first Christmas without Sydney Chance. I know that she is so happy in Heaven. I will say that today was better than I thought it would be. What I’ve learned or realized is that the days leading up to holidays are the worse. And I think it’s because you don’t know what to expect. But God gave me the strength to make it through. I was able to laugh and joke around with my family. They kept me motivated and encouraged me. And I love them sooooooooo much. I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing family but God….that’s all I can say.

Brandon had a GREAT day and that’s what was important to me. He’s been wanting the Wii U since May. GameStop couldn’t even confirm to us that it would be released. He found in on one of his YouTube Sprees…But he loved it. He loves his presents. He’s such an awesome child. And he’s the sweetest child you’ll ever run across. I’m thankful for him.

My Mom, that woman…my rock! Definitely!! Nothing could be accomplished without her.

My Brothers, Darrick and Rome…as always, they stepped ALL the way up. Memo with the gift cards that I spent this morning online…(don’t judge me) and Darrick, my sweet Darrick…let me tell this story, last week, he was in Colorado. He went skiing. I know…that’s Darrick though. He kept asking me to send him pictures of me, Brandon and Chance. Mind you, he has all of these pictures in his phone already. He was getting on my nerves but I sent the pictures anyway. Last night, he gave me my Christmas present. And when I saw it, my God, I cried like a baby. He gave me a blanket that has pictures of me and my babies in it. It was the BEST present I’ve ever received. Other than my children. So, I was able to fold up the blanket and I was able to sleep with Chance again. It was the best sleep I’ve had in months. So thank you Bros. I love you!!

My Daddy, you’re awesome too. I love you much.

Now the rest of my family…you all have always done more than a normal family would do. You Nicks’…a MESS but I wouldn’t trade any of you for anybody in the world! God showed OUT when he put me in this family. Whenever I need any of you, you’re always there. And a lot of people can’t say that about their families. But I can. And I can never repay you all but I will try my best to be there for each of you like you’ve been there for me and Brandon.

My FRIENDS…I can honestly say that I have true friends. You all have made it your mission to make sure that I was fine and emotionally ok these past few days. Some of you I’ve been knowing for years. Some I met recently. But I can’t thank you enough for the love and compassion you’ve shown me. I can’t name all of you because I don’t want to forget anybody. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As you can see, this post is just a post of thanks. I have a few great things coming up. I have some people that I want to share with you. They have stories to tell you. We all have the same things in common. We’re all grieving in some kind of way. But I want you to hear from them so maybe you can understand how they feel.

Also, to those of you that bought TV’s or new furniture for your kids or your home, make sure you go online and buy the anchors and make sure that it’s secured. Don’t let something as simple or cheap be the reason you don’t have your child next Christmas.

Here’s a link to some items you can purchase. Money well spent!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.







  1. Hey Ke-Ke Boo!!! First of all, that blanket is absolutely beautiful!!! It is so good to hear that you had a great Christmas. And yes maam, it is such a blessing to have a great family that loves and supports you!! Have a great rest of the week and God Bless!! 🙂

  2. OMG Keisha!! This is Nikki! You are so encouraging to me!!! I’m praying for God to continue to bless you and the family. That’s a beautiful blanket!!! I LOVE IT!! I enjoy reading your blog!! Stay encouraged and blessed!!

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