Here’s the segment from the Today Show


They aired the segment from the show today. It was heavily edited but the point got across. My baby girl was in the homes of millions and they’ll never forget her face. She’ll be saving lives. So I’m happy about that.

It opened up wounds for my family members. I forgot about my little cousin Da’sia that was really close to her. She asked her mom how she could bring Chance back…broke my heart…but she’s a strong little girl and she’ll be fine.

Enjoy the clip!!



  1. I commend you Keisha on doing that segment. It was hard for me to just watch(I cried of course). YOu are so strong and I know the Lord will continue to strengthen you and your family. Your story will help others and everyone will get to know CHANCE! 🙂

  2. My wife and I watched the segment like 2 or 3 times. I plan on sharing your testimoney on my blog site to help encourage and inform others as well. Thank God for all the wonderful work that you have done and are doing to bring the awareness of the dangers of furniture and electronic devices such as hevy television sets and flat televisions falling on the children to the public eye.

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