My Chosen Angel written by Linda Nicks Mahan

Time stood still on that sad April day
Our lives have changed in so many ways..
And from that sad day to this, your presence is oh so missed.
Things haven’t been the same since you’ve been gone.
But your wonderful memories will still live on…
My chosen Angel in the sky, you light up our lives as the days go by.
When the sun rises up above, we know you’re sending us your hugs and love.
Sydney Chance from newborn to the age of two, you were always busy when there was nothing to do…
You made us laugh when you did silly things.
Like when you would dance and when you would sing.
You made us laugh and smile so many times, so now we know it’s your time to REALLY shine…

This was written by my Aunt Linda…she wrote it for our Angel…:)



  1. Touched!!!! You can’t even began to know how this makes me feel…. I really love my Chancey Rancy…. Thank you so much and know that love you mostest….. 🙂

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