It’s real…


I recently went to see the movie, “Heaven is for Real”. Now anyone that knows me can tell you that for two years that I’ve been reading, watching and studying EVERYTHING about Heaven. I’m one of those people that can say that I’ve been in church ALL of my life. I always thought that Heaven and Hell was black and white.  Heaven is good. Hell is bad and you don’t want to go there. In church the only thing about living and dying is that you don’t want to go to hell. Hell is bad. If you lie, you go to hell. If you don’t live right, you go to hell. If you steal,  you go to hell. If you don’t treat others right, you go to hell. It’s almost scary.

So when Chance left, me, this 31 year old, that grew up going to Sunday School, Wednesday night bible class, Vacation Bible School, Sunday service,  Evening programs, choir rehearsal(you get the point) I was lost!!!! Literally.  I wondered what she was doing? How she was? I cried many nights because I didn’t understand how Heaven was for a baby. I was scared and worried about my baby.

Now aside from trying to make people aware about TV safety and furniture tip overs, I feel led to tell about the GREAT things that await you when you leave this earth. Like always, when I write I have scripture(s) to confirm what I say. Alot of my writings are emotional but this one is special. This will open up eyes and hopefully hearts. Everyone won’t receive it but I hope they will..

Heaven…a place that is prepared for YOU!! You will be with God and Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for you to live eternally here. No bills, no sickness, no heartache, no pain, no lies, no tears, etc. You will be so at peace. You will be in a constant state of praise and worship. Heavens beauty is beyond comprehension. Your imagination can’t comprehend the awesomeness that is heaven. Gold, jewels, pearls…yes, that could be your home. The best that John could describe heaven was to say it was like a city of transparent gold. Walls made of precious jewels.  The gates are twelve single pearls. The city itself and its streets are pure gold, yet like transparent glass. Revelation 21: 18, 19, 21. It will be lighted by the glory of God. A place of matchless blessings. Jesus prepared it for us.

Guess what, you’re able to go! Salvation is free. The best decision you will ever make is go accept Jesus as your personal Savior. When you do that,  your life will not be perfect. Satan will test you. God will allow things to go haywire in your life. But while you’re going through your trials and your tests, remember that all things work for the good of them that love the Lord. Just accept him.

And, now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow Him. Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. Colossians 2:6-7

I’m not a bible scholar. I’m far from perfect.  But my duty as a Christian is to lead people to Christ.  I want everyone to have the peace I have. God gives that to me. I trust Him. I’m not looking for accolades.  Don’t want the attention. Just trying to get you to Heaven. This is for you.  In the words of Drake,

What’s the move? Can I tell the truth? If I was doing this for Me, then I’d have nothing left to prove. This is for you though. I’m just tryin to stay alive and  take care of my people.  And they don’t have an award that..

But the reward is enough. Heaven is for real and you’re gonna love it…

Death happens fast. But God accepts us when we receive Him. When it’s your time, He’ll welcome you…



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