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First, let me say how TIRED I am!! I had no idea that so much went into filming a two-minute segment. But I’m so blessed that I was asked to be on the Today Show. We skipped a lot of steps to get here. Normally you start locally but God had his way and my baby and our message went straight to the top! God was definitely all up in the plan. We’re so grateful for that.

It was an honor to be able to tell our story. It was definitely hard reliving that day in April again but I know that it had to be done. And I KNOW that by telling what happened with Chance, Brandon and I that we will be saving other families from going through this pain and heartache that we’re going through. We won’t be able to save all children but if we save just one, Chance’s legacy will be filled. And that’s our mission. When you watch the segment you’ll see how easily this can happen to you. Take heed to what I’m saying. The story will definitely touch your heart and it’ll definitely make you cry but Chance had to die in order for your children to live. And I’m a believer of that now. Even though I want nothing more than for her to physically be here with me but like I always say, there’s no better place to be than with Jesus. I know for a FACT where she is! And now, I’m starting to feel some peace. Trust me, it’s taken 8 months to get here. But God, his timing is always best.

I had SO much support here today. My Rock, My Mom was here as always. I don’t know what I would do without her. So thank you, Mommy!! My Daddy, I love you and thank you for missing work to be here with us to make sure that nobody tried to take advantage of me. My Aunt Lynn, since this happened to us, you’ve been here. And words can’t explain how much I appreciate you. The best make up artist in the land, Bri Wilson…I love you! Tassha, you left work for a few minutes just to be with me today and I really appreciate it!! And last but not least, Barney. You are always there. No matter if its just for a couple of hours. You left work, went home, got fresh to be here just in case I needed you. My brothers Darrick and Zrano, you couldn’t be here but I know that if you could have, you would’ve. Love you! They don’t make them like you anymore. It’s always a blessing to have people in your corner that genuinely love you and want to support you in everything that you do.

Well like I said, I’m so tired. This day has mentally drained me. But it’s all good. People have been saying since day one how strong I am and I still don’t see it but this is not something that I’m doing for myself. If you knew who Chance is, you know why I have to keep it moving. Some people live for over fifty years and they don’t live life to the fullest and they don’t make an impact. But Chance put fifty years into two by smiling, dancing and laughing her way through her life. And now my sweet Angel will be impacting millions of lives. Who could ask for a better daughter? She’s just that special and she will always be.

I know that she’s not the first child to be injured by fallen furniture but there is a reason that we are the ones speaking about it. I’m going to embrace this season in my life. I know that God is getting ready to take me places I never thought I would go or see. I’m ready to fulfill my purpose in life. I pray that I like you will have “another day and another “Chance” to get it right…”



  1. If you know it or not, your strength has been showing since the night it happen. Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂 #amazingstrength

    • Keisha I am so proud that you are using the strength that God has given you to help others. I pray that parents, guardians, daycares, or anyone who may have children in their home will utilize your message and save a child’s life. God Bless you !!!

  2. Good Stuff..I told you that it was her appointed time and now her purpose has been is a pleasure to see you walk in strength and know that God has the final say so,,.. glad to know there is peace..shalom

  3. Tears….I love u toooooo I’m always here when you need me but you already know that. Keep doing a great job:))

  4. Love to you Keisha ❤ I remember your first post and my heart ached for you. I know that she is smiling down on you. Your strength continues to shine even when you do not see it… sometimes there are bad days. Thats okay. You continue to move foward and you do it smiling. Blessings and prayers to you and your family, friend. ❤ Steph

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