About Me


Hi there,

My name is Keisha. I’m ME. I have lived the last few months of my life seeking the best ways to influence my
future self positively.  I’ve decided to change the way I’ve been and live life again. This will be a lifestyle blog tailored to bring rich knowledge at your disposal, help women
overcome inner struggles like dating, insecurities, confidence, and self-
worth. It has always been my dream to aid people with vital resources that
could uplift them and motivate them to live their dreams. That’s the true
essence of  Keisha. By using real life issues and events that convey
messages and lessons to people. Every now and then, on “All things Keisha,” I will
be giving a list of my favorite books, music, and other things that make me happy.

Also, we will be reviewing books and engaging our audiences in random
everyday life occurrences, so don’t miss that either. I strive to grow
relationships and empower people to be their authentic selves. Live life,
grow, and maximize happiness in every moment. “All Things Keisha”- I’m glad you chose to join me on this journey! 


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