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Chance’s 5th Angelversary 

April 3, 2012 started off like a regular day for us. Brandon, Chance and I got up and got ready for school and work. But for some reason on that morning, she was really quiet. Normally she would be running around the apartment and not letting me comb her hair but on this morning, she… Continue reading Chance’s 5th Angelversary 

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Dear Chance 

Chance... It's been five years since I've seen you. Since I've held you. Heard you say Mama, Mommy, Brannon, Daddy, Shishard or Memo. Since I heard you ask for a Thomas the train toy or seen you dance in the back seat to "Love on Top". Five long years since you ran to the door… Continue reading Dear Chance 

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Open letter to perfect parents

I try sooooo hard to keep my mouth shut when people get on social media and become cyber bullies. I can almost promise you that those same "internet thugs" would never say those cruel things to my face. They feel protected behind their computers, smart phones and tablets. It's such a sad thing... So here's… Continue reading Open letter to perfect parents

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About last night…

So last night during the Super Bowl, the company Nationwide Insurance, aired a commercial about a little boy. He may have been 5 or 6, I'm not sure. Anyway, during the commercial the kid says, this is the link Make Safe Happen - Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl Commercial: "I'll never learn to ride a… Continue reading About last night…