Your gift will always make room

So, recently, I’ve become an artist and I’m extremely sensitive about my shit in the words of Erykah Badu.

Seriously, over the past few months, I’ve dabbled in art here and there but now, I make one or two pieces everyday. And I had no idea how badly I needed this is in my life. Not saying that I’m a professional but I truly believe that my art comes out pretty good. Even the ones that I feel I’ve screwed up are impressive to other people.

I picked this up a few months ago when I was going through a break up and I have a friend that does this for a living. I went over to his house one night and he knew I was feeling a way and gave me a paintbrush to help him finish a commission and I’ve been hooked since.

Recently, I’ve discovered pouring paint and dutch painting, infinity pouring, etc and I’m totally hooked and I do this truly to keep me from going off on people. Lol

I wanted to really let people know that you can truly do anything that you set your mind too. Anything. And most times, we have these gifts that God is just waiting for us to tap into. I had no idea that I would be even remotely good at this.

But, I study painting. I read painting books. I study videos on youtube and while they frustrate me, I know that they had to start somewhere. I’ve committed myself to completing at least two a day. And so far, I’ve followed through with them.

I said that to say that God has given you a gift. You may not know what it is but it’s there. Pray and ask for direction and clarification on what it is. Who knows, one day that gift could take you places you never thought you deserved to be, I haven’t started selling art but I’m confident that my skills will grow and I’ll be able to.

My favorite one! It took me days to figure out the cells.

These are the ones that I’ve done this week. I have more, but you get the gist. Step out on faith and do what makes you happy. I promise you, you’ll be glad that you did.

Find your passion and invest in it. Always invest in yourself. God will open doors you don’t feel qualified to walk through. And don’t expect things to happen overnight. They truly happen at the perfect time. God’s timing.

Be blessed!


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